Take control of your finances with these 5 Free Apps

Financial management is one of the hardest things to achieve on a day-to-day basis. Some people can run a household in a limited amount of money while others may struggle even if they earn considerable amount of money. The feeling of being stretched for finances at the end of each month is an indication that you are in need of serious financial management help. Yet, getting your finances in order and taking control is easier said than done.

In our busy day-to-day life, it can be quite a challenge to manage finances manually and lead a normal life. This is why more and more developers are coming up with apps to help people manage their finances. Here is a look at five free Apps to control your finances.

·        Personal Capital

This monetary control app can give the user control of their assets and their liabilities by making them visible for daily viewing. The financial app was recently named the best free app in the world for financial tracking. This application is able to help its users create budgets, track the spending being done on it, and takes a look at their investments.

·        Quicken

There are seldom tools as comprehensive as this one. The Quicken application is able to provide the user a complete picture of all of their accounts.  Among the various financial management and control functions provided to by the application include getting reminders of bills, setting a budget and even finding your credit score to help you with loan applications etc.

·        Spending Tracker

The hardest part is keeping track of all the money that you have spent over the week and the month. This is where the spending tracker application comes in. The application is easy to set up and easier to control. Users are able to record all that they have spent and find interactive bars and reports on their spending patterns. This application not only helps keep a record of all the spending done, it also makes sure you know what budget to plan next time.

·        Mint

This is perhaps the most important and popular finance application in use today. The app helps you manage different aspects of your financial journey throughout the day, week, and month. The application is an amalgamation of most of the major functions of other apps such as keeping tracks of your accounts, making budgets and noting spending on a day to day basis. It helps you keep track of all of your financial management in one place.

·        Goodbudget Budget Planner

This application is to help people who are prone to making budget and not following them. The application is frequently recommended by online users because it lets you make your budgets, gives you reminders of your budget and makes sure that you met your goals.

If you think it’s time you took hold of your finances, the following apps should be your best friend.